The health benefits of playing tennis are often overlooked when compared to health benefits from other sports like running, swimming and cycling. The game of tennis is an excellent way to burn calories, according to tests it has been found that playing tennis for one hour might lead to 600 calorie expenditure. Here are some other advantages of playing tennis for your health.

  1. Improve the body coordination and balance

The sense of body’s movements is enhanced by playing tennis. Along with the head and eye coordination, the body tends to judge the position of the tennis ball thereby increasing the proprioception also. It also helps the muscles to coordinate with the mind.

  1. Decrease in the risks of developing cardiac disorders and diabetes

Several studies done on tennis players have been proved that playing tennis not only reduce the chances of developing cardiac disorders but also improves the health of the lungs and prevents the occurrence of type II diabetes.

  1. Excellent training of the brain

Tennis helps in training the mind and makes an individual brilliant, as there are decisions that need just a fraction of second to respond in this game. It also helps the person in being focused and in making an excellent strategy. Tennis is thereby not only a physical exercise but also a brain training also.

  1. Enhances mood and self-esteem

Playing tennis will increase the good vibes into the mind and soul of an individual. Tennis players are therefore less anxious and angry and are more optimistic than other people. Playing tennis releases certain mood relieving chemicals in the brain which enhances the mood of an individual.

  1. Tennis will make you run faster

While playing tennis one has to move in quick successions all around the court for delivering the tennis ball back. This will not only increase your speed but also will improve your endurance. According to researchers in a single tennis match, a player runs almost five to six miles.

  1. Muscle development and strengthening

Playing tennis will increase the muscle mass and thereby increase the muscle strength also. The muscles of legs, arms and shoulders are benefitted by playing tennis. The muscles of thigh and calf region along with the muscles of the upper part of the body are also toned by playing tennis.

  1. Decreases the body fat

Playing tennis also lowers the amount of overall body fat, as mentioned earlier playing tennis burns a lot of calories from the body. So tennis is also a very beneficial weight losing exercise. Men burn almost 600 calories whereas women lose 420 calories by playing a singles match of tennis for one hour.

  1. Increase the tactical thinking

Tennis is more or less based on geometry, response and intervention time along with the technique. Since playing tennis is known for developing alertness and making tactics for delivering the shots against the opponent, the brain of a tennis player is found to have newer neural connections in their brain.

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