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As a stock system is getting more complicated and automakers are introducing new technologies such as- music player and Bluetooth audio, average people are getting confused. They are having trouble to choose the right car audio system that would satisfy them long after the initial purchase. Selecting the right system is a crucial factor. Below is the list of few things that they should look for in a good system:

  1. Ample power: Ample clean power from the amplifier is one of the most important factors to make a high-quality sound reproduction. The best quality sound system may deliver a terrible output if it is driven by an unpowered amplifier. It will cause sound distortion.
  2.  Auxiliary input: The use of an aux-in jack for plugging in music devices like iPod is now common in most of the audio systems. The best feature of this jack is allowing almost any kind of music player to be integrated into the car audio system. But, you have to use the controls on that device for accessing the contents. Sometimes it causes the distraction while driving.
  3.  Bluetooth audio: The function of Bluetooth hands-free technology is well known to all. It transfers a call to an audio system so that you can hear the voice of the caller on the speaker. The function of Bluetooth audio system is similar. It wirelessly transfers the command of a compatible audio device to the car audio system. But, its use is very limited. It can only control volume up/down and track changes.
  4.  Controls on the steering wheel: There is some controlling facility on the steering wheel. Its basic functions are –volume up/down, radio pre-set, music track skip or switching on/off the audio system without moving your hands off the wheel. It also let you control a connected music player.
  5.  Easy-to-read display: The display screen of an audio system is very important for easy and perfect operation while driving. The screen should be clear and display should be easy to read at a glance. You should check its visibility during the daylight as well as at night.
  6.  Intuitive controls: An audio system with intuitive controls is easier and safer. It helps you to lessen the level of distraction while driving.
  7.  Separate subwoofer: The place of a good low bass can be replaced with a small speaker because it cannot reproduce realistic low-frequency sounds. Installing a separate subwoofer will provide you an excellent audio system.
  8. USB port: A USB port facilitates the integration of a music device in the car audio system. You can use the head unit’s controls to control the device. The device will be charging on being connected to the system by a USB port. You can also use a USB flash drive to play music from the storage.
  9.  Voice command: The voice command system is one of the most effective controlling systems that are both convenient and safe while driving. It will allow you to change the radio station, tracks or you can demand a song of your choice by commanding through voice. You can also control other connected music systems by voice command.

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