A modern car audio system has several components. It also comes with lots of different yet up-to-date features. With that in mind, people often get confused as to thinking what are actually the important parts and features of a car audio system. So, let’s read more and find out the details of a car audio system.

Car Stereo Sizes

Car stereo sizes are expressed by single DIN and double DIN label. ‘DIN’ indicates the size of the in-dash unit or the ‘head’ unit. The measurement for single-DIN and double-DIN is nearly 7″ in width with 2″ and 4″ height, respectively. The stereo depth may vary depending on the audio system. So, it is better to measure the depth stereo cavity in your dash.

Car Stereo Components

New technologies are being introduced the in-car audio system. It is improving the sound quality and performance of the whole system. Moreover, the price is decreasing so that you can afford a superior car audio system with your limited budget. You can also add (e.g. mobile video) or remove particular functions of the system according to your convenience. Get a good stereo, amplifier, and basic car speakers and start customizing!

Car Radio

The basic car radio system is AM/FM. The latest addition this system is satellite radio. To use, you need a satellite radio receiver and the monthly subscription for that service. It will cost you some money, but it allows commercial-free radios across the globe with crystal clear digital audio.

CD player

CD players are used as the standard audio driver in most of the car stereo systems. It provides better quality and the CD change option lets you enter a wide music library without swapping the discs. The MP3 CD player is an added bonus that only play custom CDs from the computer’s MP3 collection.

Car Amplifier

The audio devices of the stereo system need a lot of power for smooth operation. Amplifiers (or amps) is used to provide extra power to the speakers. If the amplifier is large, mounted it in the car‘s trunk. It is capable of supplying power to one, two or four audio channels. There are a few specifications of an amplifier.

Amplifier Specs to Consider

When an amplifier is installed, it lists the RMS power and the peak power. RMS is the steady power level that the amp will produce. Peak power is the maximum power that will be produced by the amp in short bursts. The power rating on the amp should match the car speakers to avoid distortion or damage.

  • Low-pass filters provide better low-frequency bass sounds.
  • High-pass filters provide better high- and mid-range treble sounds.

You can also install a second car amplifier (pre-amp) hooked up in sequence to the stereo system to produce a bigger sound.


Speakers are basic audio devices. If you are not satisfied with the sound level, make it more powerful with an amplifier. But make sure that the amplifier matches with the speaker’s power level to prevent speaker blowout. Car speakers are of two basic types:

Types of Car Speakers:

a) Full-range car speakers: They provide the full range of sound frequencies.

b) Component car speakers: They provide better quality sounds in specific ranges: car sub-woofer (lowest frequencies), woofers, mid-range speakers, tweeters, and super tweeters (highest frequencies).

Car Subwoofers

Subwoofers let you hear the low notes clearly that the speakers cannot. So, music enthusiastic people can include trunk-mounted subwoofers to get better audio quality. The cone material and car subwoofer enclosure also affect the sound. You can adjust the power level from the amps to reduce vibration.

Additional Components

The car stereo system also includes DVD players and GPS navigation bar. Some auxiliary inputs for connecting your iPod and MP3 players can also be included in the system for your convenience. All these components make your stereo system a multimedia center.


The new car stereos are enabled with Bluetooth facility. It allows cellphone, laptop, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices to receive calls without using hands or selecting tracks from the music library. It is safer while driving.

Mobile Video

The mobile video system is amazing especially for long drives. Kids can enjoy cartoons or funny videos while going for a long road trip. It will also create a significant value for your vehicle.

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