Thieves are everywhere. You cannot get rid of them but what you can do is adopting protective methods to secure your costly car from them. Thieves do not like to stay in one place. They keep moving from one parking lot to another to avoid being noticed frequently. If your car looks attractive and costly, they will surely make it their target and steal it as a whole piece. If not, then the will prefer to steal specific parts such as- shining steering wheel accessory made of gold, state of art side mirrors or no-nonsense rims attached to the wheels. But, among all parts, their most favorite one is the car’s audio system.

If you are a car owner, knowing these things will definitely put you in tension. But noticing every suspicious-looking person starring or going around the car is paranoiac. Most of the car owners are in a big trouble to find the best protective method nowadays. They feel insecure, but now no one has time and energy to pay a close attention to the car all day!

  1. Tinted Windows

When the car owners go to their offices or schools, they generally park their vehicle in the parking lot. It is kept there all alone with no one to watch over it. This is where the tinted windows shine the brightest.

Actually there are many reasons why tinted windows are the most suitable. It protects the inside of the car from UV rays and ensures privacy and protection of car owner from people passing by it. Thieves find countless opportunities to take a quick view of the overall arrangement of your car. Tinted windows do not allow the outsider to see what is inside, so it is a big protection from the thieves. As a result, your costly audio system will also stay safe in its place and your tension will reduce to some extent.

  1. Disguised Apparatus

To keep things in a disguise of some old fashioned and obsolete components may sound crazy but this is very effective! Some business-minded people have thought of selling cassette tape players to the owners. The reason of thinking of a cassette player is very obvious. They know very well that the market of cassettes is totally depreciated and no one is interested in buying them. Actually, the cassette player is just a mask! It will deceive the thieves with its outside view. These players are mainly cover of a real high-tech car audio system.

  1. Activated Alarm

Installing car alarms is a must as it is one of the best methods of being notified about the car. It will not only safeguard your audio system but also will protect the whole car from being taken away. Some of the car companies provide a number of alarm customization options to assure 24/7 security of the car.


Some Useful Tips

  • Never try to show-off what you have in the car. Do not blast the stereo system especially in residential areas or in your neighborhood. By doing so, you will actually help the thief to know that you have installed a high-power expensive audio system. Do not even trust everyone in your neighborhood; they can also be harmful for you. Thieves will follow you wherever you go and wait for the time when you will park the car. Once they do not see you around the car, they will pull up and do a ‘smash and grab’ on your system. They are very quick and expert and will be vanished before you come. By the time you are back, only pieces of broken glass and a missing stereo system will be all you have.


  • Don’t put the brand’s sticker outside of your vehicle. It might make you cool among your friends but is highly dangerous! You are actually letting others know what car stereo system you use and an idea of its price. It is a part of sponsorship agreement not to put stickers on your car unless you are being sponsored. These stickers are sometimes referred as ‘Steal me’ stickers.


  • Do not park your car in a secluded place. Try to leave it in well-lit areas where there is heavy traffic. When you are going to the market, place your car as close as possible to the door. Always park the car in bright street light so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

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