People with a tight budget always try to find a way to save hundreds of dollar if possible. Obviously, they would prefer installing the car audio system themselves. Similarly, those who want a customized audio system do not prefer default installation process. Installing a car audio system is quite easy. Here are some tips for your convenience.

What is a Car Audio System?

You should have basic knowledge of a car audio system before installing it. A car audio system usually contains a car stereo which is referred to as the receiver or head. People also define it as a system that has 2 or more speakers and other components like an amplifier and subwoofer along with the car’s stereo receiver. Others think that a car audio system only includes the receiver or head unit.

Select compatible Car Audio System Components

Stereo receivers and speakers of any type should be compatible with one’s car. They are placed in their allocated space comfortably in the audio system. Many cars have small car stereo openings while others have big openings. The big ones are referred to as Double DIN.

While purchasing components for the car audio system, be careful of their sizes. If the sizes do not match, you will not be able to place them in your car. Special adapters (wiring harness) and brackets should also fit the car’s model.

Get rid of the Old Receiver

Before installing the new receiver, remove the old one. You will need some specific tools to do that. Depending on the installation process you will need things such as- screwdrivers, wire stripper, wire cutter, electric tape etc. After collecting all the required tools, disconnect the negative cable from car’s battery.

Use the screwdriver to remove the dashboard cover. After removing the cover, you will see the receiver. Do not hurry and carefully pull out the receiver with its wires. Usually, there are three sets of wires connected to a receiver. A power cord to connect it with the car’s battery, an antenna cord that plugs into the back of the receiver and goes to the car’s antenna, and finally the main receivers wiring harness that connect it to one or more speakers. (The wiring harness has two parts- one part connects the receiver and another part is connected to the speakers. Both types are plugged in together. If you want to disconnect the wiring harness, remove the part that is connected to the receiver.)

While removing the old receiver, you have to disconnect all three sets of wires. After that pull out the receiver to remove it from the system.


Install the New Car Audio System

The first step of installation is to install the audio system’s Wire Harness.

A wiring harness makes the installation process quick and easy. Most of the receivers can be bought with a wiring harness. They are easily fitted to most of the vehicles and let you install the receiver without any complexity. It creates a connection between the receiver and audio speakers. Almost all the speakers can be connected with one snap. The wiring harness connects to the car’s wiring harness with a snap. Thus, receiver installation becomes possible.

Install the New Car Audio Receiver

Once a connection is established between the car’s wiring harness and new receiver’s harness, you can install the receiver easily. You have to slide the mounting bracket of the new receiver. The bracket of the old receiver can also be used in this case.

Bring the receiver as close as possible to the receiver opening in the dash and attach one part of the receiver’s wiring harness to the back of the receiver. The other part is already connected to the car’s wire. (Most of the car’s wiring harness is equipped with the power cable. If the cable is not there, you have to connect a separate cable manually. It is usually red and black together. This power cable is connected from the car to the receiver).

There should be one cable left. It is the antenna cable that is plugged into the back of the receiver.

After connecting cables to the right components, slide in the receiver. Do not fasten any bold and keep the dashboard uncovered. Reconnect the negative cable to the car’s battery and wait for the car to start. Once started, turn on the radio to see if everything is running smoothly.

If the audio system works properly, screw the bolts and replace the dashboard cover. Your audio receiver is properly installed and now is ready to use!


  • Installation differs from one component to another. So, carefully read the manual book and instructions of the new receiver before installing.


  • Never run any installation process with the battery connected. At first disconnect it and then start working with car electronics or the stereo system.

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