Choosing the best car stereo system is difficult if you are not expert in this field. Comparing and researching on hundreds of different systems is impossible. So, purchasing the right one is a challenging process. But, you do not need to be an expert to find a great stereo system. The only thing you have to do is considering features of your preference and find out the system equipped with those features.

Here are some useful tips to get started with making a perfect car audio system –


Every car is built differently. The size and shape of the speakers should fit your car. So, finding out the specific size and depth of speakers is necessary to install them properly in the car. You can use Crutchfield’s handy car audio system to find out the right size of speakers that your car supports.

Do not waste money on unnecessary things. For example, large size subwoofer and amplifier are not needed in small cars. You will not need much power either. Small cars do not need the highly powerful audio system to get the experience of real music. A simple setup with good quality speakers would be enough to impress you.

Speaker size and Location

The size of speakers must match to your car’s configuration. You can find out the appropriate size in the user manual that is provided by the manufacturing company. If not, go to nearby shops that sell car audio equipment. They keep a catalog or some other resource that may be of great help to you. While buying the speaker you have to consider both its width (i.e. 5.25″, 6.5″, 6×9) and the mounting depth.

Whatever speaker you buy, its placement is very necessary. You have to locate the speakers in the front, center and rear of the car to get the best output from your audio system. It will create an optimum balance in sound.

Sound quality

If the stereo system is high quality but does not satisfy your expectation level, all your money will go in vain. Loud sound and real music are different things. Your goal should be listening to every single instrumental effect and voice of the singer. So, listen to good brand music systems that satisfy your expectation while in the music store. Car audio departments generally keep demo sound systems in their store for the test run.

The heart of an audio system is the speakers. If you have a limited budget, invest most of the money on high-tech speakers. Subwoofers and amplifier enhance the sound quality, but they are not as important as a good set of speakers.

Frequency response

If you like to hear rock and rap, you should buy speakers that deliver the lowest lows. The recording studios use 20 hertz, but you can still get a real ‘thump’ in frequencies between 60 to 70hertz. People can hear music that has frequencies up to 20,000 hertz. So, choose to listen to the audible frequency ranges that every speaker can deliver.

Power output

The amount of sound a speaker produces per watt of energy is called its efficiency. Generally car stereo system records both the peak and RMS output value. If the stereo (Head Unit) system produces 50watts, it is at its peak power output. But this is not your average listening level. One of the most important thing in power output is its peak value. The more the value, the higher the quality. So, your speakers should have a high decibel rating to ensure better output.


It is wise to install your car audio system by a professional. You may have experience in installing equipment, but it can be somewhat complex. Do it by yourself only if you are an expert in this field. Otherwise, getting help from a professional will be the best option. Your costly speakers and amplifiers can cause serious damage to the whole system if they are not installed properly. They can also cause harm to themselves! On the other hand, installation shops offer a guarantee for their service. You can fix things free of cost later which is a big advantage. So, spend some money in installation as it may save a lot of money later.

Car manufacturing companies install the default music system themselves which is quite good. But every owner likes to improve some specific features to meet up their expectation. You can do it by investing a small amount of money in upgrades.

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