The Tesla Model S is a fully electronic and luxurious vehicle produced by Tesla Motors. It provides instant torque, smooth handling and superior styling with the 17″ touch-screen. It gives awesome driving experience with these mind blowing features. Though Model S is equipped with high-tech functions, the sound system is often neglected. It may be a quiet outside, but it’s a bit noisy inside.

The Evolution of Car Music Systems

The previous models used to include AM/FM push button radio. The radio stations were preset by programming and did not need any tuning. Then these radios were replaced by in-dash media players. Sony first invented Walkman in 1979. During that time, people used cassette tape players in their car and could customize the list of songs to be played. The cassette is a portable audio equipment that contains a reel of tapes inside. Cars only had front speakers, but car owners could set a rear speaker by cutting out the cardboard deck behind the back seat and running wires under the door thresholds to the dash. Automobile sound engineering is improving day by day with the advent of newer technologies.

Car manufacturers found out home system acoustic experts to design the sound system of their car. It has made a remarkable advancement in audio systems. They are still researching on improvements of sound quality and are adding new functions to the system. The most popular sound systems are manufactured by – Bose, Harman/Kardon, Boston Acoustics and more recently bang and Olufsen. These brands ensure crystal clear sound with the clear listening of every little instrument. Home stereo systems were manufactured so that customers can install customized sound system in their car.

The Tesla Way

Tesla did not follow the typical way of improving their sound system. Instead of looking for home stereo system makers they hired recording professionals for the Model S. They were able to produce unparalleled music experience inside the cabin. While purchasing the Tesla Model S, you will not see any tag of brands e.g. Bose in the audio system. Rather you will get a good 7 speaker array at the base price. The audio system is not equipped with CD players. They include an interface that lets you choose among AM/FM/FM-HD radio stations. You can also browse Slacker and Tune in Radio from cloud music sites.

HD radio provides excellent music quality. It enables stations to broadcast a digital signal over traditional radio frequencies. It allows 3 additional and exceptional streams or programming. You can log into your XM radio subscription. The sound is authentic and HD radios are commercial free. If you want better quality, upgrade the Model S sound system to the Ultra High Fidelity Sound Package. Then you will get 12 speakers with an 8″ subwoofer. They are placed carefully in the car and tuned to produce optimum balance in sound inside the cabin. It also includes a powerful amplifier to make the sound quality much better. Depending on the roof type, you can also choose the convenient set-up for the car’s sound system.

Some people enjoy listening to music sitting in their Model S. They warm the car with the heating system and make a comfortable atmosphere for themselves. They also enjoy music with a glass of wine in their hand when it’s summer. As the AC is engaged and no fumes are inside the car, it creates a cool environment that every car owner wishes. Certainly listening to audio songs in your Tesla Model S would give you a pleasant experience! People showed their interest to know the specifications, engineering techniques and general specifications of speakers and processor of this car. They are overwhelmed by the excellent features of Tesla Model S.


You may crave for a high-quality sound system. You have to experiment with the acoustic adjustments to get the desired sound quality. Do not expect the stereo settings of your Model S to be like your home sound system. You may listen to a lot of bass at home, but you have to adjust it with strong treble and mid-range selections. The Model S is very strong on the high end. Proper adjustments are needed to get the best out of its capability. The fade settings can favor the rear seats up to 10%. It creates a harmony of sound between front and rear speakers. You can adjust the balance about 5% to the right if you are at the left side. Tesla does not offer any preset option to switch from one music mode to another. It is suggested to adjust the setting when you are listening to your favorite songs at the parking lot with the windows closed.

The touch-screen works very well, but it causes distraction. You should shift the Media screen to the top to make the adjustments in shortest possible time. Track change and increasing/decreasing the volume are the most common uses of a touch-screen. Make sure things are properly placed and try to control them from your steering wheel. The coolest feature of Model S is the voice command. It reduces the chance of distraction to a great extent and enables you to control the whole system in the most convenient way. Experts suggest not to listen to songs via Bluetooth connection. The audio quality is worsened due to the sound compression. So, it is better to put a little more time on putting your favorite songs on a portable device. It will provide high-quality sounds and will please your ears.

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