Best Stereo Systems for 2017 – What To Look For

The amount of time spent in the car comes second (maybe third), to working and sleeping. With all this time spent in your car, running errands, commuting to work or taking long trips, you have to have the best experience. Other than a clean car smelling nice all the time, you have to get the best music playing. With traffic jams to look forward to and drivers who behave a little immature, it is important to have music that will keep you entertained and to help you keep your cool. As a taxation specialist focusing on the general anti-avoidance rule, you need pure bliss in the car.

The problem with the stereo system your car comes with is that it may lack the audio quality you desire and it may not have as many playback options or hands-free calling features. Noting that the car stereo head unit is more important and primary to car speakers, external amplifiers, and subwoofers, you should beware of the features to look for in a car stereo system.

  1. Playback options

This is one of the most important elements of your car’ stereo; only available in the best car audio receivers. Since CD players aren’t popular anymore, you need a stereo system that allows the use of internet apps that use USB or Bluetooth connections making it possible for you to stream music directly from your smartphone. You may also want a stereo system with an AUX port to allow you to connect to any playing port.

You should also consider getting a stereo system with an HD radio as it has a higher quality broadcast than traditional radios. You can view a song’s artist or their album with an HD radio as it has metadata.

  1. Audio Performance

When buying a car stereo, you will need to consider its power output which must match the output of the car’s speakers. In case of a mismatch in the power output, the speaker will produce inaccurate audio. Keep in mind that underpowered speakers are more susceptible to damage than overpowered speakers. That means that you should always go with overpowered stereos.

For audio performance, a continuous power output refers to the amount of power that the internal amplifier produces while the maximum power output refers to the maximum amount of power produced by a car’s stereo.

You should also consider the signal-to-noise ratio plus the pre-out voltage. A high voltage means that the stereo has a strong signal that will come with little, unwanted noise.

  1. Display features of the stereo

You will note that most stereos look stylish and that means that you will attract unwanted attention. However, that isn’t reason enough for you to forego the purchase. The alternative is getting a detachable faceplate which allows you to detach the most functional parts of the stereo when you leave the car. This way, you won’t have to worry about thieves.

Also on display features, you should consider a variable color display which lets you change the colors of the display lights to match aesthetics and your style.

  1. Help and Support

Will you be covered if the stereo malfunctions a few months after purchases? You have to look at the warranty of the stereo before buying because good stereo systems don’t come cheap.

You also need to find out from other users if the company’s customer service is reliable and if you’ll get to raise your concerns with the company without any problems.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have multiple errands to run or you commute to work daily, you need to make sure that the car’s stereo will offer you the best sound quality for you to enjoy the ride whether long or short.

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