Marketing Matters: Laura Thalacker & Greg Gemignani

Laura Thalacker, a partner at Lionel Sawyer & Collins in Las Vegas, knows employment law. Representing employers in Nevada, she advises companies on the training and practices most needed when it comes to workplace social media. What does she think makes a given post a marketing dream as opposed to a legal nightmare? She’ll offer advice that every company and employee can learn from, so be sure to tune in! You can also learn more by visiting her Twitter feed, @Fired4Facebook.

Also on this show, hear from Thalacker’s colleague, Greg Gemignani. A partner at Lionel Sawyer & Collins as well, Gemignani focuses on intellectual property law, gaming law, technology law, internet law, online gaming law, video game law, and online promotions law. He will add to the conversation by discussing social media complications in these areas, and how they relate to the gaming industry.